Sunday, 2 August 2015


Happy Friendship Day to Everyone. This is the day all their friends tie friendship bands and share the their friendship. Some people realize that we had friends long ago this is day which we can meet them after many years. Without a friend nobody can live they need at least two friends.

Even I have two closest friends forever. When I was in LKG everyone were new to the school I remember that I was sitting in the first bench and a girl sitting next to me named Varsha. I started talking to her she asked my name i said my name is Sheethal I didn't know that she will become so close to me. As the years passed on we were feeling we wanted another friend. We passed LKG but also there were no friends that they will be good enough to be good friends.We passed UKG reached the level of friendship that was our 1st std their a girl named Pooja met us and became close friends of ours so we were three friends. There was a bad incident my friend Pooja had told me something about me and Varsha something bad then our  friendship broke for seven months. when we passed 4th std we thought that we will let we  give her  a chance then i said "ABroken glass can Be joined like that only our friendship should be joined when it is broken" we thought that we will be in same section but that god wanted a proof that we will not leave our friendship to him. So he made me separate from the section that was pooja and varsha were same section and I was alone but we wanted to defeat   god.
 As though   we were not same section we were used to meet in lunch break.We used to make jokes about Pooja that she will always tell stories like a grandma so we were calling her Ajjama we were used to talk about our studies, any doubts about the lesson and some of our homeworks it is a great and auspicious time. When our elders feel that we are feeling to meet our old friends.They have a great time spending this day.

I would like to thank my school for giving such good friends for me.My school name is THE NEW CAMBRIDGE ENGLISH SCHOOL.Here is a picture of my school.


  1. papa....Super writeup on super day..even though friendship is limited to celebrate on one day..but for our entire have written beautiful things about is all about forgive and take it forward than standing in the same place and crib about...super papa...

  2. Very sweetly written Sheethal putti :) Wishing you and all your sweet friends "Happy Friendship Day"...