Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The Haunted House!

There was  a  village called  Shettihally .There  lived  a   family and their  children  named  as  Arshitha, Nikitha, Rakesh , and  

They  were playing  in  the  playground  .They  saw  a  house. They  thought it is  a  normal  house. But it was a Haunted House. They  entered it, to  see who 's  living  there.

After sometime the house turned in to dark .But they thought the  
lights are off . They  went in different ways.

Arshitha saw a doll and a dress for it .She likes it but they asked her a question. She din't answer. So the devil took her.

Nikitha went to a room. It was full of jewellery .She liked jewellery first of all. Nikitha kept one necklace in her bag. A devil came and asked "Who's this  house?". She told "It's my house!",  but she told the wrong answer .So the devil took Nikitha.

Rakesh was intrested in playing  board games.It was snake and ladder to play .but their was one condition if the snake bites him he should go with the devil .There was only one chance. He missed that chance. So the devil took Rakesh away.

So there was only boy left that was Anirudh. He was very 
intelligent. A devil  asked a question "you were going in a bike,
one side few people will be fighting, and on the other side they will be crying which one you stop will first?". Anirudh told  "I  will stop my bike first!". He gave the right answer, So the devil and the haunted house was blasted.

This news reached the villagers of Shettihally. People were happy, safe and enjoyed their life happily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

A Village Life!!!

Once  upon   a  time   there   lived   a   Family in Koravangala .
It was a family of Rangaswamy and Subbanarasamma, my great 
grand parents.   

Gowri, Ramaswamy, Nagalakshmi, Manjunanth, Krishnaswamy, Nagraja, and Kumarswamy were their children. 

A few  years  ago Five brothers (Ramaswamy, Manjunanth, 
Krishnaswamy, Nagraja, and Kumarswamy)got married, and 
they got children.
They are Vijay, Chandru, Swamy, Subbu, Krishnaveni, Leela 
Srikanth, Nagaveni, Kanaka, Annapurna, Deepak, Karthik, 
Narendra, Jnaneshwara Rajneesh and Murali.

My father told me about his childhood, am trying to write in my own way. 

1. One day Murali  ,Srikanth with their parents went for a  
shopping. Murali  saw a slide infront of a house.  He went their  
to play. Suddenly his father pulled him, and Murali broke his teeth.  
Murali cried, and mother gave biscuits and water. 

2. One day Srikanth took 50 paise to by a cycle for rent. He  went  
to his friend's house and asked him "let's go doubles on the cycle  
his  friend said "No...No".  Srikanth  requested, then he  came. 
Srikanth while riding a cycle, he dashed to a tree, and his 
friend fell in to a dust bin .So his mother  scolded  him. 

3. One day srikanth and murali played  chowka bhaara. They took  
groundnut and kadale. While playing Murali, ate kadale, and said 
am the winner. 

It continues......................